Historic country church on the prairie. Est. 1889


West Prairie Lutheran Church is located in rural Leland, Iowa.  The church was started in 1889 and the church building was erected in 1891.  We joined the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) in 2012.

Pastor:  Pastor Steve Bang
Administrative Assistant:  Louise Nath
Church Treasurer:  Caroll G. Carson, Jr.
Church Council for 2017
President:  Jan Reimann (2020)
Vice President:  Wendell Finer (2018)
Secretary:  Lanette Branstad (2018)
Phyllis Disque (2020)
Bill Schutter (2019)
Lisa Durby (2019)
Julie Reimann (2019)
Jan Reimann, Bill Schutter
Lanette Branstad, Lisa Durby
LCMC Delegates:
Board of Education:
Jodi Fjeld, Lori Jacobs, Misty Juveland
Audit Committee:
Julie Reimann, Rita Schutter
Nomination Committee:
Denise Holst, Jan Reimann
Communion Assistants:
Gene Fjeld, Jodi Fjeld
Church/Grounds Committee:
Bill Schutter, Terry Durby, Jan Reimann, Steve Reimann
Worship Committee:
Lanette Branstad
Caring Committee:
Misty Juveland, Lori Jacobs, Julie Reimann
World Hunger:
Bob Nath
Couples Club Leader:

Phyllis Disque